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How To Propose To The Russian Girl?

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build successful relationship with Russian girls

A proposal is always a special event in the life of man, to which he should carefully prepare. You have known each other for a long time (it does not matter if you found your love on the Internet or in real life) and your relationship has gradually moved to a more serious level. When you think about your women you want (and are sure of it 100%!)  to create a family with her, finally, to live together (if you have not lived yet) and to hear those very important words “dear, we will have a child” one day. Then it’s time to make a proposal. f course, it would be good to study the desires of your beloved woman, but still it should be something unusual and original.

But if your girl prefers to keep silent (or you just do not listen to her), then here are some interesting options for you.

Over the land. Yes, not everyone is ready to jump with a parachute or to “ram-jumping”, but there are also more pleasant ways to get up in the air. Let’s start with a less real, but still workable plan: you can ask the flight attendant to announce your desire for hands-free calling on the plane, for example, on vacation. Or, more realistically – rent a hot air balloon, for example, on her birthday or just on a normal day (although then the girl will probably guess your intentions earlier than you realize them). But do not make an offer at once, enjoy the beauties of nature and let her enjoy it, because then you will no longer be up to it. By the way, this option is only useful if the girl does not have a fear of heights.

In the cinema. The way to make an offer in the cinema has recently been quite common, at least on the Internet you can find a dozen videos on this topic. You can do it simply: record a video message and arrange with the cinema administration to be scrolled before the film or at the end. At this moment it is advisable to sit next to the future wife, and not send her to the cinema with her sister or a friend. The following variant is more complicated: record a video with a sequence of actions, as you get out of the car, buy flowers, meet friends, etc… Your video should end with opening doors to the cinema hall (where you already are, and then come up to the chosen one with the ring). In this case, it is better to keep the effect of surprise and not to show on the screen the face and recognizable parts of the body, respectively, and your video should voice a person unfamiliar to the girl.

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With the help of the book. Probably, everyone in childhood painted on the pages of a notebook a little man who moves (if you quickly turn over the sheets). It’s time to remember your skills (or order an already finished book), on the last page of which will be attached a ring. The plot can be made different, it all depends on your imagination. By the way, if you will soon leave for another city, for example, on a business trip, you can do it like this: take pictures of various signs, highlight one letter (you can do it in Photoshop), then print the photo, put it in the album and give it to the girl.

And finally, a couple of unusual options. Does your girl like kinder surprises? Then this option is for you! Carefully cut the kinder into two halves, pull out the toy from the yolk and put the ring there (alternatively add the printed instruction with the words “take the ring and say yes”.

In fact, it does not matter how you make the offer, the main thing is that you will do this. There are a lot of good ideas and all of them will make one step closer to your new life. Good luck!